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Rosita Constanca

Social media manager

Rosita Constanca

Rosa is the  an adventurous and extrovert woman that dived into different hobbies and interests.

She started by studying in a Theatre High-School and that changed her deeply. Coming from a catholic nun college to sift into a theatre school was a very opening experience. By being involved with people with different backgrounds in a free place where students mainly learn how to express themselves through art challenged and shaped her personality. This journey gave her a lot of self-awareness, confidence, human communication skills, a bigger emotional understanding and of course a lot of fun and magical moments on stage.

She decided to growth in a different direction and moved city to take a Organic Agriculture degree in a high rated University. After all the knowledge she got there she had her first job as a eco agriculture engineer - shifting a big production field from conventional practices to a Bio-Organic one. That was the shifting point also for her, she understood how much high one can get once there’s passion and determination.

She wanted to do something bigger with a positive impact to our big land that we call Earth. Through Humana People to People NGO she travelled to England and took a post-degree specialisation on Climate Change, were she had the opportunity to live in a international College that embraced the community-living spirit and a non-formal education. Was the first time that she had contact with so many different cultures at the same time and where she made her first gardening experiments with a positive impact for the land. She took some lessons in art school and combines it with the Agriculture studies, she is experienced in turning abandoned gardens into magical art pieces by playing with the colours of the plants, using its shapes to create eco-alternative garden designs. This was also the bridge for her to travel through different places doing volunteer work to help communities with scarce resources to become auto-sustainable and sufficient while getting involved with good practices for the environment.

Rosa’s most recent hobby is creating art pieces with only sustainable and organic materials, she makes macrame jewellery, macrame hang wall designs and wooden decorations. She’s a natural speaker and enjoys meaningful conversations. You can find her traveling through Europe in her van with her dog, going for mountain hikes, nature walks, doing some art craft or trying to catch some waves in her surf-board.

What is Rosa’s role?

We can say that if you like how our content is shared and how stunning it looks you can give an applause to Rosa! She is in charge of making our online presence appealing and inviting. Meet the manager of our social media accounts and the element that brings consistency to our online presence in order to spread our message.

She is the most recent team member and had stolen the “baby” tittle from Nuno with pleasure but don’t worry, they remain friends.

What is the message of Rosa?

  • If we live fully and we have our hearts in the right place, we live longer.

You can imagine her saying this with the sweetest voice as she is a gentle being that invites people around her to be honest and holds space for them to express their emotions even in the most vulnerable moments. She empowers people to look at life as delicious bunch of new opportunities for us to improve ourselves has humans and creat big positive impacts through our working life.

Rosa is ruled by an enthusiastic and hopeful energy she makes Academy of Cognizance and all members enriched by that. We can say Academy of Cognizance couldn’t be better served!

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